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Leni Grünbaum

”I find meaningful encounters – my own and others’ – enormously rewarding. I want to create platforms where the important issues of business, leadership and collaboration can be addressed through people’s experiences and stories. Change happens here and now.”

A versatile facilitator and coach, Leni inspires vivid dialogue and strengthens the common story. She also trains emotionally intelligent facilitation and leadership skills for generating first-rate encounters. She has worked for 10 years with small, medium and big private and public organizations.

Leni combines the best coaching and facilitation practices with stories as well as visual, action-based methods and improvisational exercises. Together, they generate awareness, creativity and fresh insights as well as a readiness for concrete actions in the chosen direction. The interaction of the group shifts toward the positive and its capability for acting amidst the change is enhanced.

Our partners

in creating first-rate encounters


Carolin provides services that support good, constructive leadership in organizations. Carolin’s customized, experiential trainings are based on neuroscientific research and systems theory. The company also offers advice and consultation in work justice issues.

Hope Consulting

Hope Consulting’s mission is to highlight the importance of human competitiveness and to enhance the skills supporting it. Hope’s work is driven by the vision of the client, the agreed goals and ethical considerations. The company operates from a strong belief in learning and the power of positive psychology.


Pontus Holmgren from gro facilitates processes that create space for real connection with oneself, one another, the past and the common intention. He also innovates new ways of working that make these connections possible.