We facilitate and coach leadership teams, teams, work communities and your key people to first-rate encounters. These generate meaningful cooperation, creative renewal and appreciative interaction that all contribute to getting things done. We also train you internal professionals in skills that help generate first-rate encounters. In doing this, we utilize our knowledge of business and organizations, the best practices of facilitation and coaching as well as action and improvisation-based approaches and stories.  

  • Knowledge of business and organizations. We have a strong theoretical ground and extensive experience of business and organizations. We understand your needs, speak the same language as your people and help you reach your goals.

  • Facilitation and coaching. We facilitate people to learning, acting bravely and to taking a step outside their comfort zone. We lead them to reflection and dialogue that changes the thinking, the experience and the interaction here and now. It empowers and invites to accountability.

  • Visual and action-based methods, and stories. Our fresh and customized work methods generate personal presence and curiosity. They open up perspectives that we tend to disregard amidst our everyday hurry and habitual conversations.


”Having participated in many similar developmental efforts during my long career I must say that this process and the work methods have been in a category of their own. They have opened up new perspectives, changed our everyday work and led us toward our goals. Thank you for a genuine, bold process!” Member of leadership team | LEADERSHIP TEAM COACHING


”Leni’s coaching was the springboard for my work role change. The coaching process inspired enthusiasm and gave me energy, but also a deeper understanding of my resources, capabilities and of a heap of means needed in order to implement the change. During the most impactful 1,5 hour session, I recalibrated the coping strategies I have been utilizing for nearly 30 years. After this, I started actively making use of new thought and action patterns that serve me better with the problems I am encountering today. I recommend Leni as an experienced and versatile coach whose special strength is empathy.” Chief People Officer | INDIVIDUAL COACHING