- skills training for internal leaders and facilitators


  • emotionally intelligent skills for encountering individuals: listening, asking questions, challenging and supporting

  • skills for facilitating first-rate encounters in groups: warm up the group to curiosity, generate empathy; balance silent and talkative individuals; turn tensions into energy

  • enhanced self-confidence and courage to try different work methods

  • stronger facilitator identity and practical tools for different situations

In practice

  • focus on the participants and the group, their work and needs, as well as on their strengths and challenges

  • methods: short introductions, participatory and insightful work methods as well as action and improvisation-based approaches

  • typically 3–5 meetings of 0,5–1 day & virtual sessions, duration 1–6 months.

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”A clear process that chugged on energetically and kept a good balance between theory and practice. For once we succeeded keeping a good focus in our group. It was inspiring to examine a new topic in depth and in peace!”