We help leadership teams, leaders and teams to first-rate encounters in which people are in contact with themselves, one another and the common purpose. Such encounters increase clarity and true dialogue. They generate engaging, sustainable and efficient collaboration for a better future. They translate the common purpose into daily actions.

We use the best practices of coaching, facilitation and stories, improvisation as well as visual, action-based methods. They invite to positive curiosity, help structure complex issues and integrate everyone’s experience to get to a common understanding. This translates into clearer goals, increased appreciation and a drive for action. At work, this means creativity, relaxed efficiency and growth, and small actions with a big impact.



Leni Grünbaum


I get enormous satisfaction from high-quality encounters – my own and others’. I want to create platforms where the important issues of business, leadership and collaboration can be addressed based on people’s experiences and stories. Explorative play invites everyone to participate in in a spirit of appreciation and curiosity. It helps see the issue at hand from a stance of common exploration. Therefore, it facilitates change happening here and now.”

Leni is a versatile coach known as an inspirer of live dialogue and common stories. She also trains leaders in emotionally intelligent coaching and facilitation skills for creating first-rate encounters. She has worked for 10 years with small, medium and big private and public organizations.

Leni’s approach combines the best practices of coaching and facilitation with visual, action-based methods and improvisational exercises. They open up fresh perspectives and insights, enhance clarity and lead to practical solution-centered steps.  By increasing trust and mutual appreciation, they strengthen positive interaction, creativity and the drive towards concrete action.

What our clients say


Leni’s skills are excellent in listening, analyzing and adapting the coaching on different levels, based on solid experience, to make one realize the options forward in a natural way. The coaching has given me insights of myself, my professional life and goals in a multitude of ways, with tools that will help me grow and develop now and in the future.”  Head of Smart Grid and Business Strategy | INDIVIDUAL EXECUTIVE COACHING

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I knew that Leni is a seasoned professional, but she exceeded my expectations in how she energized our group and inspired everyone to think fresh and challenge oneself. Leni was relentless when it comes to staying in the selected focus area, but still gave enough latitude for exploration to enable a relaxed, open and fruitful discussion. Her ability to listen and her positive, sincere and supportive demeanor enabled us to safely wander out of our comfort zone.” – CEO | Team coaching for business leads



Our services range from one-off lectures, workshops and performances to long trainings. Our typical assignment will take 1–6 months.

  • Lectures for small and big audiences 
  • Trainings for leadership teams, leaders, teams and work communities
  • Facilitation of collaboration, change and development, small and big groups
  • Developmental groups for executives, middle managers, key persons and entrepreneurs
  • Individual coaching for executives, middle managers, key persons and entrepreneurs
  • Improvised playback theatre performances