When you

  • are planning a change or are in the middle of it

  • know that you could – and actually would need to – do much better together

  • get stuck into the same topics or situations time and again

  • want to get everyone aboard

 we help to

  • generate high-quality interaction, thinking and decisions

  • strengthen your shared story and the experience of meaningfulness

  • liberate everyone’s creativity and get things done

  • reinforce the team spirit, the will to collaborate and the confidence in shared success

 We are a small, flexible provider of coaching, facilitation and training services. We help you to develop your business and your cooperation through first-rate encounters. Quality encounters focus on that which is essential. They step up the group’s capacity for getting things done, reinforce the team spirit and enhance collective intelligence, creativity and renewal across borders. The future is created together, one encounter at a time.


Leni Grünbaum

I find meaningful encounters – my own and others’ – enormously rewarding. I want to create platforms where the important issues of business, leadership and collaboration can be addressed here and now through people’s experiences and stories.”

A versatile facilitator and coach, Leni inspires vivid dialogue and strengthens the common story. She also trains emotionally intelligent facilitation and leadership skills for generating first-rate encounters. She has worked for 10 years with small, medium and big private and public organizations.

Leni’s approach combines the best coaching and facilitation practices with visual, action-based methods and improvisational exercises. Together, they enhance clarity, creativity and fresh insights as well as practical actions. Through enhanced trust and mutual appreciation, positive interaction is strengthened. This liberates energy for making small changes that lead in the chosen direction.

What our clients say

Leni’s skills are excellent in listening, analyzing and adapting the coaching on different levels, based on solid experience, to make one realize the options forward in a natural way. The coaching has given me insights of myself, my professional life and goals in a multitude of ways, with tools that will help me grow and develop now and in the future.” – Head of Smart Grid and Business Strategy | INDIVIDUAL EXECUTIVE COACHING


I knew that Leni is a seasoned professional, but she exceeded my expectations in how she energized our group and inspired everyone to think fresh and challenge oneself. Leni was relentless when it comes to staying in the selected focus area, but still gave enough latitude for exploration to enable a relaxed, open and fruitful discussion. Her ability to listen and her positive, sincere and supportive demeanor enabled us to safely wander out of our comfort zone.” – CEO | Team coaching for business leads