– individual coaching for leaders and key persons


  • concrete steps for changing one’s story and making the needed shift

  • enhanced knowledge of self and improved capacity for self-regulation

  • deeper awareness of one’s choices and the impact of one’s actions

  • increased harmony, energy and freedom of action


In practice

  • focus on the coachee and her/his story

  • methods: coaching conversations as well as visual, action and improvisation-based methods and customized exercises

  • typically 5 sessions of 1,5 hours, duration about 6 months


”Leni’s coaching was the springboard for the change in my work role. The coaching process invited enthusiasm and gave me energy, but also a deeper understanding of my resources, capabilities and of a heap of means needed in order to implement the change. During the most impactful 1,5 hour session, I recalibrated the coping strategies I have been utilizing for nearly 30 years. After this, I started actively making use of new thinking and action patterns that serve me better with the problems I am encountering today. I recommend Leni as an experienced and versatile coach whose special strength is empathy.”

Kristiina Burtsoff, CHRO, Siili Solutions Oyj