Pilke is the long-term trusted partner of expert organizations striving towards emotionally intelligent, future oriented leadership and collaboration. We help to create a common understanding of the present situation and facilitate first-rate encounters in which everyone’s story and knowledge is acknowledged. Affirmative curiosity, learning by doing and thinking together are the recipe for liberating energy to creative solutions and goal-centered collaboration in a changing environment. The result is better collaboration and emotionally intelligent work skills that benefit everybody: the owners, management, the employees and the customers. 

In a world of networks and entrepreneurship, the responsibility for satisfying interaction and learning rests on everyone’s shoulders. Knowledge is being created between individuals, groups and organizations. We bring forth relaxed effectiveness and emotionally intelligent, insightful collaboration that feel good and continue to evolve after our assignment.

Our approach is a unique combination of three skill sets

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  • Knowledge of business and organizations. A strong theoretical ground and extensive experience of business and organizations. We understand your needs, we know how to get to your goals and speak the same language as your people.
  • Affirmative learning for the individual and the group. We guide people out of their comfort zone with the help of the best practices from coaching and facilitation. To learn is invigorating, ja everyone’s knowledge is being capitalized. 
  • Stories and improvisation, visual and action-based methods. Fresh, customized approaches steer towards truthful, yet curious and affirmative exploration. They open up perspectives often bypassed in the everyday discussions.
  • The results are small everyday steps that lead to big leaps in collaboration and productivity.

Our principles

  • What else? We listen intently to you and to the participants. Our services always match the identified needs, and we adjust our work methods according to the situation.
  • Step into the helicopter. Through active and inspiring methods, we help people see and experience the issues at hand from a fresh angle, open up to each other’s experiences and to get to insight together. This draws a common map for all.
  • Dare to experiment. We encourage and challenge the participants to creative collaboration and growth through experimenting. Small everyday changes have multiplier effects and lead to affirmative renewal.
  • At your service. Change and development requires time. We are interested in you challenges and goals during and after the assignment. We build long-term collaboration. We develop together with our customers.

What our clients say about us


Leni’s skills are excellent in listening, analyzing and adapting the coaching on different levels, based on solid experience, to make one realize the options forward in a natural way. The coaching has given me insights of myself, my professional life and goals in a multitude of ways, with tools that will help me grow and develop now and in the future.” -Richard Haagensen, Head of Smart Grid and Business Strategy, Landis+Gyr | INDIVIDUAL EXECUTIVE COACHING

I knew that Leni is a seasoned professional, but she exceeded my expectations in how she energized our group and inspired everyone to think fresh and challenge oneself. Leni was relentless when it comes to staying in the selected focus area, but still gave enough latitude for exploration to enable a relaxed, open and fruitful discussion. Her ability to listen and her positive, sincere and supportive demeanor enabled us to safely wander out of our comfort zone.” -Mika Tanner, CEO, Bilot Oy | TEAM COACHING FOR BUSINESS LEADS