– f2f or virtual team coaching


  • enhanced shared understanding, collaboration and engagement

  • positive and learning interaction in everyday work

  • awareness of one’s responsibility and impact in the team

  • increased trust, reciprocity and courage to take up uncomfortable issues  

In practice

  • focus on the common direction was well as the experiences, skills and needs of the team members

  • methods: coaching methods leading to insight, stories and dialogue

  • typical f2f process: 4–5 meetings of 0,5 or 1 day, duration 3–4 months

  • typical virtual process: 3–4 virtual meetings of 2–2,5 hours, duration 2–3 months. Inspiring implementation through the ProReal virtual platform.


”Leni carefully listened to our real needs. She had planned an agenda for us, but led us flexibly. She grabbed what was beneath the surface and made us tackle them in order to progress. After the process, we were pleased and relieved. It felt good that we had discussed our difficult issues. Thanks to this, we could again focus on our work. Now we have a common goal toward which we advance together.”